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"The Generals Daughters"  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/749204

This Author like many others have stories we think are good enough to become movies. I have a 5 part story the title below being the beginning and title above being the last. I'm in the process of turning the book into a script and will be seeking actors and actresses to play the many roles. If you believe in yourself and would like to try acting download your free copy using a coupon code I've furnished on this page read it and decide whether you want to be in this production. Compensation? Life time royalties.

"Lasting effects of an indiscretion" is the beginning story For your interview for a part write to Books@LgooBooks.com  In the subject line write "I can act"

Please respect my time and don't use my email to send me advertising, it will just be wasting your time and mine.

Adult fiction

Action ~ Adventure ~ Romance ~ Espionage ~ Intrigue

The Lasting Effects of an indiscretion    QV37U


The Red Rooster Crows Twice  


Gambit at Sea  




Crimson Crusader  


Ghosts of Red Cavern Suitable for age groups 14 - 90


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